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At Exquise by Tiffany, we understand that finding the perfect wedding gown is a momentous journey, and we’re here to make it as magical as the love story it represents.

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Discover timeless beauty with Exquise by Tiffany, your trusted friend in crafting meaningful wedding moments. Since 2012, our skilled team has woven magic into every detail of our high-quality dresses, making each design a bride’s masterpiece. Let us be a part of your unforgettable journey.

Established in 2010 by Dinda Tanny in Surabaya, Exquise gained popularity for crafting wedding gowns. In 2012, formalized as Exquise, it expanded nationally and internationally. By 2016, a second gallery in Bali broadened exposure, leading to collaborations with prestigious hotels. In 2018, a significant milestone was the partnership with makeup artist Tiffany Roselin, transforming Exquise into “Exquise by Tiffany”—offering dresses, makeup, and hairstyling.


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Tiffany Roselin turned her childhood passion for fashion into a thriving career with the creation of Exquise by Tiffany. Despite lacking formal fashion education, she entered the industry in 2014. In 2015, Tiffany ventured into beauty, attending a beauty school and becoming a professional makeup artist. This move not only enhanced her skills but also broadened her network. A pivotal moment occurred in 2016 when she met Mrs. Dinda Tanny, her mother-in-law, fulfilling Tiffany’s long-standing aspirations.

With Mrs. Dinda Tanny’s influence in the bridal industry, Tiffany pursued her dream of entering bridal fashion, culminating in the establishment of Esquise by Tiffany in Bali in 2018. Tiffany’s career is more than a job; it’s an expression of imagination through clothing, guided by the philosophy of “happiness.” Wedding dresses, to Tiffany, tell stories about the bride’s personality and convey the joy of her special day. Exquise by Tiffany is dedicated to enhancing the natural beauty of each bride, creating memorable stories through this philosophy.



Exquise by Tiffany aims to deliver top-notch wedding services and experiences, engaging you from initial consultations to the completion of your dream wedding. We believe attention to detail ensures a beautiful overall picture, creating enduring memories anytime, anywhere.


Exquise by Tiffany celebrates both magnificent and alluring beauty, valuing sincerity, authenticity, and tastefulness. Women find something special with us, prioritizing comfort in wedding dress choices. From tender pink to passionate red, carefree pastel blue, or the purity of white, colors reflect character. Women seek intricate details for enhanced beauty and natural body movement.

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