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“Your passion will lead you to purpose” is probably the right word to describe how a Tiffany Roselin stepped up her career and passion until she established Exquise by Tiffany. The world of fashion is a world that has captured the heart of a little Tiffany since the age of 10. Starting from her hobby of looking at fashion rubrics in magazines, drawing clothes designs in her spare time, Tiffany began to knit her dream in the fashion world. Although she never had a formal education in fashion, but Tiffany’s love for the world of fashion design brought her to take a step closer to her dream in the fashion industry started in 2014.
The world of fashion cannot be separated from the world of beauty. Therefore, in 2015, Tiffany decided to start her first career step with a beauty school and become a professional make up artist. The world of beauty provides Tiffany with a stepping stone to expand her network and bring her closer to the world of fashion. Her meeting with Mrs. Dinda Tanny, her mother-in-law, in 2016 is the answer to Tiffany’s prayers all this time.”

Mrs. Dinda Tanny has been in the bridal business for a long time, paving the way for Tiffany to be closer to her dream of becoming a bridal fashion. There is no doubt that Tiffany gains knowledge and explores her self-taught abilities by enriching them from her in-laws or from the people she meets. The growing career of Tiffany in the field of fashion and beauty has made her bolder to make it big by establishing Esquise by Tiffany in Bali in 2018.

For Tiffany, working in the fashion sector is primarily work. The work that becomes the media expresses the imagination which is manifested in the form of clothing. “Happiness” is the philosophy of every work we present. For us, wedding dresses are not just clothes with the most up-to-date models. Nor is it about the luxurious fabrics and glittering sequins that cling to the bride’s body. Instead, a wedding dress can tell a lot of things. Stories about the personality of the Bride to the emotional expression of the Bride’s happiness on her wedding day. Because after all, every bride is a special person who has brought her natural beauty. We are here to make her shine even more and put a happy smile on her special day. This philosophy becomes the spirit of Exquise by Tiffany to create memorable story for all brides.


It is not only beautiful, the right dress will make your special day meaningful and timeless.
Your wedding dress is part of the story of your life’s journey. Every detail gives a nuance that adds to the sacredness of your wedding day.Introducing us, we are Exquise by Tiffany, your best friend.
Established since 2012, we have participated in giving a magical touch to the wedding day through a charming dress. In the hands of our reliable professional team, every stroke of design, every thread that is woven, and every beylikdüzü escort bayan woven fabric we choose is of the highest quality in its class.
Every design that is made is not merely the result of our designers and tailors, but the Bride’s masterpiece itself.Therefore, we are your friends, who will listen to all your dreams and try to make the best for the unforgettable moments in your life.


Born from the talented hands of Dinda Tanny since 2010 in Surabaya, started with making a wedding gown at the request of the prospective bride and groom, Dinda Tanny’s design has begun to attract attentions and was well-known by word of mouth. In 2012, Dinda Tanny strengthened her wedding gown business steps into the name of Exquise and she opened her first wedding gown gallery in Surabaya. Thanks to the endless hard work and excellence quality of the designed dresses that are recognized by clients from all over Indonesia, even overseas such as Thailand, Australia and the UK, the business has developed into wedding gowns supplier for wedding gowns bridal in Indonesia. In 2014, Exquise was rebranded as a wedding gown gallery. It took only two years after the rebranding, in 2016, Exquise opened its second wedding gown gallery in Bali. The existence of this second wedding gown gallery in Bali has actually opened up opportunities for Exquise to introduce their designs to wider market and create collaboration with several prestigious five-star hotels and resorts in Bali. Year of 2018 will be an unforgettable moment for the company milestone with Tiffany Roselin joining to Exquise. The collaboration between Dinda Tanny and Tiffany Roselin, who is one of the most well-known professional make-up artists in Surabaya, has given Exquise Wedding gown gallery a new breath, style and personality. The name “Exquise by Tiffany” was also pinned with a new identity as a wedding gallery and beauty studio that provides a one-stop solution for clients, from dresses, make up, to hair styling.



Exquise by Tiffany aims at providing a first class wedding services & experiences that keep you informed and involved throughout the planning process from initial consultations, understanding your requirements and right through to final completion of your dream wedding. We believe that when pay attention to a single detail, the big picture will take care of itself. We will be delighted in making it an experience you will look back on and cherish forever. It is why we always overcome to continuously create more beautiful wedding stories through our wedding services, at everywhere and in anytime we are with you.



Every woman admires and appreciates beauty, not only everything that looked magnificent, but also that looked simple yet alluring. Women know something that is made by sincerity, authentic and full of tastes. They have intelligent and sensitivity to appreciate everything in detail. For Exquise by Tiffany, this is the reason why every women has their own special. In selecting their own wedding dress, women don’t just look at the outer appearances, but also a sense of comfort that occur when she touches and wear it. Women want color that reflect her characters, such as pink and tender, passionate red, carefree pastel blue color of the sky or a white dress and a light-emitting pure personality. Women are also searching for a touch of the detail on the dress, which creates possibilities to increase their beautify bend and natural body motion.