Exquise by Tiffany aims at providing a first class wedding services & experiences that keep you informed and involved throughout the planning process from initial consultations, understanding your requirements and right through to final completion of your dream wedding.


We believe that when pay attention to a single detail, the big picture will take care of itself. We will be delighted in making it an experience you will look back on and cherish forever. It is why we always overcome to continuously create more beautiful wedding stories through our wedding services, at everywhere and in anytime we are with you.


Every woman admires and appreciates beauty, not only everything that looked magnificent, but also that looked simple yet alluring. Women know something that is made by sincerity, authentic and full of tastes. They have intelligent and sensitivity to appreciate everything in detail. For Exquise by Tiffany, this is the reason why every women has their own special.


In selecting their own wedding dress, women don’t just look at the outer appearances, but also a sense of comfort that occur when she touches and wear it. Women want color that reflect her characters, such as pink and tender, passionate red, carefree pastel blue color of the sky or a white dress and a light-emitting pure personality. Women are also searching for a touch of the detail on the dress, which creates possibilities to increase their beautify bend and natural body motion.

Exquise by Tiffany


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