Born from the talented hands of Dinda Tanny since 2010 in Surabaya, started with making a wedding gown at the request of the prospective bride and groom, Dinda Tanny’s design has begun to attract attentions and was well-known by word of mouth. In 2012, Dinda Tanny strengthened her wedding gown business steps into the name of Exquise and she opened her first wedding gown gallery in Surabaya.

Thanks to the endless hard work and excellence quality of the designed dresses that are recognized by clients from all over Indonesia, even overseas such as Thailand, Australia and the UK, the business has developed into wedding gowns supplier for wedding gowns bridal in Indonesia. In 2014, Exquise was rebranded as a wedding gown gallery.

It took only two years after the rebranding, in 2016, Exquise opened its second wedding gown gallery in Bali. The existence of this second wedding gown gallery in Bali has actually opened up opportunities for Exquise to introduce their designs to wider market and create collaboration with several prestigious five-star hotels and resorts in Bali.

Year of 2018 will be an unforgettable moment for the company milestone with Tiffany Roselin joining to Exquise. The collaboration between Dinda Tanny and Tiffany Roselin, who is one of the most well-known professional make-up artists in Surabaya, has given Exquise Wedding gown gallery a new breath, style and personality. The name “Exquise by Tiffany” was also pinned with a new identity as a wedding gallery and beauty studio that provides a one-stop solution for clients, from dresses, make up, to hair styling.

Exquise by Tiffany


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